Source Repository


XStream project consists of several modules:
  1. xstream - the core module
  2. xstream-benchmark - the benchmark tool
  3. xstream-distribution - the module contains the documentation and assembles the src and bin distributions
When you checkout the trunk you'll get all the modules, but you can just add the module you are interested in to the URL, e.g.
svn co[module]
to checkout out the single module separately.


You can use the browser to navigate within the sources online with the help of the FishEye installation on Codehaus.


XStream uses Subversion as the SCM. See Subversion website for details and documentation on IDE integration.

WebDav Access

WebDav is an access protocol supported by SVN and being http-based is often allowed by corporate firewalls.

Anonymous Access

svn co

You might also use this URL to browse the repository in a simple manner.

Committer Access

svn co

This access protocol is available to all, but only developers can commit changes.

Developers require a LDAP password for Codehaus username (contact Bob at the Haus to get assigned a password if you don't have one).